White Gold

1.) ChardonnayPron. “shar-duh-nay” Born in the Burgundy region of France as the result of a natural crossing between Pinot and Gouais Blanc, the easy to grow Chardonnay grape has spread around the world and the wine it produces has an interesting quality, in that it is affected greatly by the land and climate of theContinue reading “White Gold”

Red, Red Wine

At a basic level, wine can be broken into 5 categories: Red White Rose Sparkling Dessert From there, it breaks down into almost endless varieties – and that’s where people get confused. Let’s take a look at some of the varieties available. Red Wine Red wine is made from dark grapes, which may appear deepContinue reading “Red, Red Wine”

What is “Real” Mexican Food?

After watching a “Tasty” video on Facebook and reading some of the thousand or so comments, the majority of which slammed Tasty, insisting that the recipes were not “Mexican,” it seemed natural to ask, “What is real Mexican Food?” It’s a somewhat ambiguous answer, depending on how you look at it – so lets startContinue reading “What is “Real” Mexican Food?”

Kinta Mexican Bistro

Kinta is a contemporary Mexican Bistro with a lush Garden setting. An exploration of the senses awaits in Kinta. One of our favourite Cozumel restaurants, we started with Kinta as the first review partially because we know that this will likely be one of the last for Kinta at their current location – and areContinue reading “Kinta Mexican Bistro”